We keep people out of the hospital
so they can get on with life.

Avner Dor
Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer
Integrates best-in-class
digital health technologies
with face-to-face visits
Innovito’s real-time telehealth services make sure that acute and chronic patients get the exact medical attention they need, expediting treatment when necessary.
Cares for patients
wherever they are – at home,
work, school or play
Innovito removes the limitations and cumbersome processes that tether patients to hospital beds and does away with time-wasting travel and waiting for appointments. Routine and one-time nursing visits help keep patients stable and following doctors’ orders while giving them and their families the freedom to decide how and where they spend their time.

clinical trial support

Enhances research study performance

  • Increases patient recruitment, retention and adherence with trial protocols
  • Enhances trial site satisfaction and productivity
  • Improves visit statistics
  • Promotes compliance with good quality practices (GxP)
  • Reduces costs for study sponsors, CROs, etc.
  • Enables online, real-time access to data
  • Minimizes the number of disqualified patients
  • Expands study populations to distant and/or mobility-limited participants

    For medications, devices and mobile apps, services that:
  • Select and set up the site and train staff
  • Recruit, select and enroll patients
  • Treat and educate patients, assess outcomes and record adverse events
  • Track the study and report to stakeholders
  • Plan the study and design the protocol

Routine, acute
and preventive care

Boosts outcomes and speeds recovery

  • Prevents disease, medical complications, infections, health deterioration and unnecessary hospital readmissions
  • Reduces costs for insurers and patients
  • Fosters patient compliance
  • Enriches patient experience with unparalleled convenience and timeliness
  • Gives family and care providers the peace of mind that comes with knowing that patients are receiving top quality care
  • Ensures real-time access to patient data
  • Extends state-of-the art medicine to remote and/or difficult-to-reach geographical areas

Cfir Shalit

Chief Executive Officer

As an executive for Israel’s leading home-based patient care service provider, Cfir directs support to Israel’s largest HMOs, hospitals and public institutions.

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